Aidan Fitzgerald

About Me

match interests with
  | CompSci -> "yup!"
  | InfoSci -> "hell yeah!"
  | Ethics  -> "of course!"
  | _       -> "pretty much everything, yeah"

I am a software engineer and multipotentialite from New York City. I currently attend Cornell University for computer science and previously attended Stuyvesant High School. My technical interests include functional programming (OCaml is my favorite programming language), artificial intelligence, web development, human–computer interaction, design methods, and technology ethics.

I am an active member of the technology community and care deeply about giving back to the community and the world at large. I’m a veteran hackathon participant, mentor, and organizer - having recently won Most Innovative Hack at the Cornell Fintech Hackathon - and I have been involved in several organizations in the Computing and Information Science community at Cornell. I also contribute to several open source projects, including Internet-in-a-Box (IIAB) and Lokole.

I identify as a millennial, even though I fall outside the “official” age range that Pew uses, because I’ve always felt like people writing about millennials are writing about me. I don’t know what this “Gen Z” thing is.

My non-technical interests are varied and range from the more “intellectual” to the more “recreational”. My “intellectual” interests include: philosophy, the social sciences (including sociology, urbanism, and economics), organizational structures, and mathematics. My “recreational” interests include: alternative rock, ukulele, the outdoors, and writing.